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Our goal at Website Pacific is simple - to build our clients a clean, highly attractive, and easy to navigate website around their company's mission, and to continue to provide the highest possible long-term performance and service.

The success of a web or system project depends mostly on its proper planning and definition.
Therefore, for any project we apply an efficient four-step process that helps us ensure your expectations are met.

The first phase is a discovery phase with the goal to understand your business, your needs, your vision and ideas. Together with you we define a concept in order to get the best and most efficient approach for your project.

The second phase is where we convert your ideas and our recommendations into a visible design. Based on your input we will make changes and tweak the design until you are satisfied.

The development phase is where your vision begins to take shape as a tangible reality. At any time throughout the development process you will be able to accompany the progress by having access to the system while it is in development.
Depending on the actual size of the project, the process will be divided into milestones where each milestone is finished only upon your approval. To keep track of any changes, you will get access to a tracking system where you can comment and approve any part of the developed system.

Upon your approval of the completed work, our delivery phase involves making sure your new site has a smooth launch out to the Internet.

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