AITUTAKI MAGIC ... !!!  A lagoon so pristine and beautiful, it will forever change your perceptions of parardise ...

For over 12 years Bishops Cruises have had the privilege of introducing people to this amazing and unique corner of the Cook Islands. We are Aitutaki's most experienced lagoon operator and we welcome the opportunity to include you to a long list of satisfied visitors.

Over the past 3 years Bishops Cruises has also had the privilege of specialising in Weddings on your own priviate island - Onefoot Island.
Just you, the sand between your toes and the endless beauty of Onefoot Island.

Do you have a dream ... ??
Share it with us, it can just come true.
Aitutaki is that kind of place ...

Adventure through paradise beneath the water and relax in the sun on white sandy beaches.
Romantic and unforgettable. Your special day shouldn't be anything less.
Images of one of the most untouched paradises in the world.
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